Managed Service Provider

Our Managed Service Provider (MSP) program offers you full visibility and control of your non-permanent workforce including temporary workers, contractors, consultants and even resources engaged under a statement of work. Principally it is divided into two:

MSP Program Management

We realize the importance of being on-call to address the immediate nature of your staffing needs. We assign an experienced program office team to serve as your primary contact and learn about your business. Our program office will work with your management to determine the most effective requisition process and their desired involvement throughout the interview process. Upon candidate selection, we facilitate the on-boarding process and ensure the employee smoothly transitions into your workforce.

Technology also plays an integral part in measuring your program's effectiveness on many levels. It provides the visibility needed to make an informed decision on applicants in addition to real-time reporting, billing and invoicing. VisionTree Workforce representatives become the employee's first stop for personnel support including questions related to benefits, paychecks, policies and more. Our on-site MSP solution relieves your employees of time-consuming tasks, so you can focus your energies elsewhere, making your entire company more productive.

MSP Implementation Support

In today's marketplace, staffing partnerships require customized solutions and multiple levels of support to service an account. At VisionTree Workforce, we implement and deliver the resources, technology and qualified workforce to ensure your operation runs smoothly and efficiently. Our team of dedicated implementation professionals provides decades of experience in building and delivering workforce solutions. We strive to provide a positive customer experience by adapting to industry and market changes, as well as learning how staffing drives your business.

VisionTree Workforce's implementation team engages you as a consultant to learn your business and become ingrained in your culture. We offer best practices and recommendations based on industry experience, stakeholder expectations and the overarching goals of your staffing program. As Certified Staffing Professionals (CSP), our implementation team is trained in the ethical standards of labor, employment law and risk management principles, based on the standards set by the American Staffing Association.

Engagement Process

Under an MSP program; all requests, vendors, workers, timesheets and spend are captured, managed and tracked through a single process and technology offering an enterprise level view of all activity.

Once all workers and resources are captured processes can be a standardized, best practice introduced and policies enforced:

  • Streamlined processes reduce both the time to hire and the burden on hiring managers during the process.
  • Consolidated purchasing reduces cost.
  • Competition and performance management of vendors increases quality and responsiveness.
  • Controlled processes reduce the risk that can be associated with devolved purchasing practices.