Contractual Staffing

Economy has gone through revolution with use of internet and businesses have gone global instead of operating out of local cities and states result into more uncertain times as market dynamics are continuously changing and so as customer priorities. Additionally customer also would like take baby steps and upon successful prototype, they would like to take up the turnkey engagements. As a result, contingent workforce or Temporary Workforce is not only fill up the gaps in the ecosystem but also being performance centric or service level driven engagements makes overall value proposition worth considering.

Contractual Staffing Services in following scenarios:

  • Potential engagement has less than six months of prescribed workload
  • Strategic Workforce Planners considers such position as non-mission critical for the Customers.
  • Deployment of the workforce outside headquarters or where no physical office or physical office is either sales office or branch or division with non-availability of complete line functions as per Organizational structure or remote project location.
  • Potential engagement is prototype or Demonstration or Proof of Concept.
  • In case customer is going through restructuring or reorganization or diversification of its product and service offerings
  • In case customer is interested to hire an individual where potential skills of respective individual are not 100% match.
  • In case customer has their own engagement with their on customers on Time & Material Basis or Contractual basis.
  • Need of Subject Matter Expert to carry out specific piece within ongoing engagement outside predefined organization structure.
  • To upgrade skills of permanent staff with change in Customer Needs so better project delivery can be achieved.