Key Mission Critical Sales Order to Cash Realization Processes Automated for Small & Medium Scale Enterprise to provide end to end customer delight experience.

Workflow Automation

Every Midsize Organization has its unique Processes with Approval System driven more by specific DNA of the organization compare to Industry Best Practices. Automate the approval process for simple or sophisticated business requests, including deal discount approvals, and travel and expense reports. You can respond to approval requests directly in Chatter, or via email. Process Builder from Salesforce provides a simple point-and-click interface to automate business processes. You can create automatic email alerts for deals over a certain size, auto-assign tasks as a deal moves through the different stages, and more.

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Sales Cloud

Every Business has common objective to deliver Customer Value. In order to achieve such goals, every organization has to Track all their customer information and interactions in one place, anywhere. Quickly find experts to push deals along, then recognize them for contributions in the same system. No matter if you’re a rep in the field, an inside sales rep, or you just prefer to work inside your email inbox, do more, from anywhere. Even better, automate complex business processes to drive even more productivity.

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Service Cloud

Happy Customers drives repeat business and that is single most objective of every enterprise. Service Cloud from Salesforce offers live chat software, Live Agent, is an online tool that allows a customer to communicate with a service agent via the web. Customers and prospects alike respond favorably to this form of real-time, personalized interaction. With Live Agent from Service Cloud you can have agents ready to field questions 24/7.

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Marketing Cloud

In Digital Economy, Every Enterprise has to know more beyond recent purchases for their customer and build Customer Journey for uniting to create personalized customer-focused experiences at scale. It is important today to map the customer journey and prioritize every step of your strategy; Spark conversations with customers based on real-time interactions; Test multiple variations of content, channel, timing, and frequency; Automatically monitor and respond to customers; Connect your apps, products, and spaces to customer journeys; Leverage data from any source brand’s voice and providing a seamless experience.

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Transform your Industry

Financial Services

From Main Street banking to Wall Street investing, the financial services industry is being disrupted by digital, social, and mobile innovation. Salesforce helps companies switch from defense to offense with ever-more personal customer interactions. With Finance Cloud from Salesforce, Retail and commercial bankers can access rich customer profiles across all products and business lines. With smart insights, employees can identify new opportunities to engage prospects, convert more leads, and create customers for life. While, In case of Wealth Managers, Clients today expect personalized outreach, proactive insights, and goal-based planning — delivered the moment they want it. Learn how to supercharge advisor productivity and create client relationships that last generations.

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Competition among healthcare payers is tighter than ever. Salesforce gives your plan the advantage with a 360-degree view of every client. And whether it’s finding a doctor or staying up to date on billing, you can engage 1-to-1 on every step of their journey to optimal care. Specific to Providers, Today’s Focus is on patient relationships, not records. With the new Salesforce Health Cloud, providers can put the patient at the center of every decision, and deliver personalized interactions with every member of the care team. So patients become active partners in creating healthier outcomes.

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