Contingent Workforce Management

Drive business growth and gain competitive advantage by getting the most out of your contingent workers with solutions for vendor management from SAP. Streamline former manual processes, identify the best suppliers, and automate the entire process of procuring and managing temporary and contract labour. With total visibility into your workforce, you can automatically enforce contract compliance to reduce costs, mitigate risk, improve quality, and increase operational efficiency.

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Catalogueue & Content Management

Quickly identify the right products and services with access to supplier-managed product information.

Limit maverick buying by promoting catalogue-based requisitioning with procurement catalogue and content management solutions from Ariba, an SAP company. Empower business users to find the right goods and services with intuitive search-and-compare options and a user-friendly interface. Base purchasing decisions on preferred and contracted suppliers. Help ensure the latest catalogue information is used by importing, updating, approving, maintaining, and activating catalogues with greater ease.

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Contracts Management

Reduce risk and enhance compliance with standardized contract management processes.

Handle the contract lifecycle management process with ease with approved contract templates, efficient workflow approval processes, search functionality, and automated contract monitoring and alerts. Simplify and speed-up contract authoring and support negotiation efforts with fast access to relevant information. In turn, the procurement function can reduce contract cycle time, mitigate risks more effectively, drive compliance, and improve decision making.

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Procurement on Cloud

Locate new suppliers, streamline transaction processes, and realize savings with cloud-based procurement software from Ariba. SAP acquired this industry–leader in online sourcing, buying, and selling — and now, our customers — big and small, can access proven solutions and the Ariba Network to support the entire source-to-pay process.

  • Identify strategic sourcing opportunities and automate their execution.
  • Integrate contract creation and management in a central repository.
  • Speed procure-to-pay processes with online shopping and invoicing.
  • Automate supplier performance and information management.
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