Direct Store Delivery

Flexible and Integrated Planning and Execution

Help your field personnel – sales, pre-sales, and delivery van sales – work more productively and effectively. This comprehensive SAP mobile solution simplifies complex DSD processes, and integrates the back office with customer facing activities to empower route reps and their managers to make real-time decisions on-the-spot.

  • Plan and schedule store visits and deliveries more efficiently
  • Access key information about customers, orders, and deliveries in real time from anywhere
  • Share pricing, promotions and discounts
  • Verify product returns, process orders, and settle bills – all in-store
  • Improve product placement and in-stock levels
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Retail Execution

In a consumer-driven world, consistent retail execution is the first step in creating the “perfect store. That means getting the right product in the right place—at the right time and at the right price. It means perfect execution at the shelf, and perfect engagement with your consumers. Go beyond standard CRM to get more out of every store visit with SAP Cloud for Sales Retail Execution.

  • Maximize sales reps’ time in-store with retail plans, surveys, and tasks for target accounts.
  • Increase wins at the shelf with insight from survey results and competitive comparison.
  • Initiate replenishment and resolve issues on the spot with sales orders and service tickets.
  • Track promotion compliance and gain real-time access to store visit data to increase sales performance.
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Promotion Execution

Flexible and Integrated Planning and Execution

Pricing and promotions solutions from SAP integrate a deep, localized understanding of demand with more-effective customer-centric pricing and promotion practices to deliver higher market share and greater customer loyalty. Retailers can create unified views of customer demand by using customer insights to analyse, plan, and optimize campaigns, prices, and promotions. Major Areas Covered are:

  • Price planning & optimization
  • Price Management
  • Markdown Management
  • Promotion Planning
  • Promotion Management
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Omni Channel Service Excellence

Give service reps a full view of customers across all channels and enable real-time collaboration to solve complex cases.

Rely on comprehensive omni-channel customer service – achieved with SAP software – so your company can meet the expectations of its most demanding customers. Improve customer satisfaction and strengthen loyalty to make your entire organization more competitive. Enable contact center channels through phone, e-mail, chat, and SMS, while empowering agents to streamline processes and provide multichannel service excellence.

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Customer Journey Personalization

Inform consumers, suggest products, and influence shopping behaviour in real time across channels, including in store, with mobile devices and SAP software. Develop deep insights from campaigns and consumer shopping behaviour by combining system-stored data with real-time data. Suggest personalized offers based on previous multichannel interactions. Promote engaging marketing campaigns, stronger customer loyalty, larger basket sizes, and better overall sales to exceed customer demands.

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Cloud for Customer

Engage your customers in more meaningful ways by understanding what matters to them at a specific moment. Our cloud CRM portfolio brings marketing, sales, commerce, and customer service together – to deliver rich insight, flawless execution, and a contextual customer experience. Stay a step ahead with SAP Cloud for Customer – so you can engage your customers like never before.

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