Multi-channel success platform for retail


With increasing competition in the retail industry, analytics are a powerful tool that can help create winning strategies.

At VisionTree Ventures, we believe you can’t improve what you can’t measure. That’s why we’ll help you define success through the development of your very own success platform using the SAP Sales Insights for Retail application. Using accurate data will help you make smart business decisions that will transform your operations and increase revenue.

We understand the unique challenges that retailers face, and we know what it takes to achieve success in the competitive marketplace. Your success platform will guide decision making at every level of your organization. As your digital transformation partner, we will guide you through the implementation process, the training, and the full scope of utilization.


Consumers complete millions of transactions each day. They may be connecting with you via loyalty programs and through a variety of digital channels. The data behind each interaction provides valuable insight into buyer behavior and suggests ways to differentiate your business.

SAP delivers analytics in real time, so you don’t have to wait for sales reports to refine your strategies. Improve the performance of your promotions by introducing new products or initiating markdowns with just the click of a finger.

If it feels like you’re drowning in information overload already, SAP has the answer because it delivers data in a way that’s easy to read and analyze. Its retail application offers analytics that help you understand where to make improvements in pricing, marketing, and promotions. You’ll quickly recognize trends, answer important questions, and take action to address crucial challenges. Powered by analytics, you’ll form business strategies with confidence.


What good are analytics if you don’t use them to generate results? Instead of striving to keep up with your competition, this is your chance to develop innovative strategies to differentiate your business.

Plan and market more effectively with customer insight. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of your target customers, their unique needs, and the best ways to engage them. You’ll also learn your product assortment’s strengths and weaknesses and which promotions generating the most revenue.

Armed with this information, you will have everything you need to enhance profitability and improve customer service. Your success platform will give you the flexibility to test various solutions and discover which strategy works best. You’ll also remain agile to changing demands so that you consistently deliver customer satisfaction.


What does success look like to you? Each business and the departments within will have their own benchmarks, but common measures of success include revenue, lead conversion, and marketing performance. With the SAP Sales Insights for Retail application, you can establish your own key performance indicators and measure success by product, product category, and sales location. This way, you can be sure that each strategy aligns with your overall business goals and that you stay on track toward your goals.

The platform utilizes three primary tools:

  • The Product Affinity Analysis Tool, which helps you make comparisons across products and departments.
  • The Value-Driver Tree Analysis Tool, which demonstrates how changes in key performance indicators (KPI) like revenue, price, and profit impact one another.
  • The Key Items List Analysis Tool, which allows you to identify which products, categories, or stores are most important according to your predetermined KPIs.

Each tool allows you to generate informative reports that can be used to make well-informed decisions.


With SAP, retailers can create multi-channel success platforms that measure performance across various areas.

For instance, you can learn which product is outperforming others at each of your store locations. You can even dive deeper into the analytics to see which pricing and promotion strategies impact the sales of various products. Plus, you can compare whether products are selling better in-store or online. Your success platform makes it easy to organize, review, and manage your cross-channel data in a single easy-to-use dashboard.


VisionTree Ventures won’t just help you maximize your data, we’ll help you develop a total success platform. Despite the retail industry’s ever-changing landscape, we remain leaders of best practices in the field. We’ll empower you to transform your company into an analytics-driven powerhouse.

Our offerings go beyond technology solutions. We also provide process improvement oversights and workforce alignment to enhance your success platform implementation. With operations in more than 40 countries, we bring the industry’s cutting-edge solutions straight to you. Using our unique blueprint methodology, we’ll partner with you to develop your own roadmap to success.

With VisionTree Ventures on your side, each customer transaction becomes an invaluable insight into better operations. After all, knowledge is power. Talk to us today to learn how to get started.

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