Extended Warehouse Management


Gain greater control of your warehouse operations with SAP solutions. We will help you find ways to empower your warehouse managers to make smarter, more well-informed decisions on a daily basis.

SAP Extended Warehouse Management will improve all areas of your warehouse functions, from inventory availability to docking and more. This scalable software provides flexible, automated support at every level of your distribution center.

We specialize in the best practices and technologies that leading retailers use worldwide. VisionTree Consulting will use its one-of-a-kind methodology to work with you to develop a customized blueprint for success. We will help you implement powerful solutions, like the SAP Forecasting and Replenishment application, to automate processes, improve supply chain efficiency, and forecast more effectively.

At VisionTree Ventures, we’re experts in SAP HANA solutions, and we know just how to help you leverage these tools to overcome any warehouse challenge.


When it comes to your day-to-day operations, many processes can be automated to free up resources. Automation is one of the best ways to process goods and manage warehouse inventories. Packing, shipping, and dock scheduling are just a few of the tasks that SAP software can handle, so your employees can focus on more important priorities.

As your transformation consultant, VisionTree Ventures will work with you to identify which processes and subtasks can be automated. We can develop a phased approach to implementing updates to ensure a smooth transition to automation. Your entire distribution center will benefit when the right processes are mechanized.


We’re experts in identifying and implementing warehouse best practices. An important element of warehouse management is maximizing asset utilization. In fact, many warehouse managers claim that asset utilization is one of the primary functions they’d like to improve.

Perhaps your warehouse space could be organized more efficiently so it allows you to hold more inventory and reduce replenishment costs. Or maybe your transportation planning efforts are lacking, leading to more frequent (and more expensive) shipping requirements. With SAP software, you’ll be able to manage your resources more effectively and maximize your return on investment.


Securing more orders to process is a good state of business, but what if you can’t move into a larger warehouse or don’t have the space to hold more inventory right now? Utilizing the right software and best practices will allow you to achieve maximum throughput. Process more orders than ever before with greater efficiency and accuracy.

Warehouse managers can organize tasks and manage workflow effectively by integrating SAP platforms that provide a comprehensive view of all warehouse operations. Managers can reduce congestion and keep goods seamlessly flowing in and out of the warehouse.

Cross-docking is one of way that SAP software can help increase throughput. Rather than storing goods in your warehouse, use inbound deliveries to fulfill outbound orders. Automated dock appointment scheduling makes the process easy.

Order cycles are expedited once your packing and shipping processes are automated with SAP software. In addition to increasing throughput, this leads to more on-time shipments.


Before implementing any process improvements or new technology, VisionTree Consulting will map your entire warehouse operations. This map will serve as the starting point for identifying specific areas that need attention.

SAP software also serves as an all-in-one information storage solution. You will spend less time searching for purchase orders and invoices thanks to digital record keeping.

Once VisionTree Ventures installs SAP Extended Warehouse Management, you can manage everything from storage bins to orders to resources and tasks. We will help you create a custom dashboard that measures key performance indicators, so you can easily monitor all of the daily warehouse operations. This extended view is invaluable in assessing performance. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of your operations and the implications of executing various strategies.


Increase customer satisfaction by fulfilling orders faster without sacrificing accuracy or quality. SAP Extended Warehouse Management makes it possible.

For outbound deliveries, the software simplifies shipping activities, such as packing and transportation. When it comes to inbound deliveries, you’ll receive timely notifications of when and where the deliveries are being made. Documentation for all deliveries will be stored within the system, making it easy to pull records whenever you need them.

Improved logistics will help you reduce errors and streamline processes for faster fulfillment. Manage your workforce based on forecasted demand with built-in planning tools. With mobile inventory management, you can execute tasks and check inventory availability, even when you’re on the go.

If you expect your sales to grow, your warehouse operations must grow as well. VisionTree Ventures will connect you with the tools and processes you need to increase your distribution center’s capacity and align your operations with your business goals.Beyond making initial recommendations, we’ll also set up your SAP platforms and customized dashboards and train you how to use the system well, so you can focus on what’s really important: Achieving new levels of success.

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