Project & Portfolio Management

Develop new products and services based on value-driven investment decisions.

Apply a value-driven approach to developing innovative products and services with project and portfolio management solutions from SAP. Align product manufacturing strategy and development, streamline development processes, manage production costs, and simplify operational complexity. Respond quickly to customer inquiries, coordinate resources across a project′s lifecycle, and use performance metrics to make informed decisions for strategically optimizing product innovation investments.

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Product Costing

Master product cost potential and transparency — at a time when it counts.

Evaluate new product costs or quotations early in the lifecycle with SAP software for product costing. Manage costs and quotations for product innovations or customer-specific engineered products, in line with strategic targets, where design is evolving and master data incomplete — with transparency that can help secure future product margins. Identify cost drivers in later stages of the product lifecycle, and simulate and evaluate the impact of related cost reduction measures.

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Project on Cloud

The SAP Commercial Project Management solution enables project-based businesses to expand the system of record, typically Finance, HR and logistics, to include project-centric, bidding, planning and execution processes. By treating the project as the central hub, SAP puts the entire services business lifecycle into a project context.

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