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What’s one of the best sources of industry information? Your competition.

At VisionTree Ventures, we know that best practices are formed at the industry level. Each business has something beneficial to offer the others—and something to learn from them. These days, it’s nearly impossible to achieve operational success without embracing the power of collaboration.

We know firsthand that organizations can make great strides through strategic partnerships across different channels. We specialize in the technologies and processes that enable those kinds of collaborations across industries, products and services, and business functions.


We’re experts in leveraging SAP HANA platforms that can help you achieve your business goals. We’ll implement collaboration tools with a focus on the following three areas.


The SAP HANA platform offers various software solutions to help retailers join the global business network. With these solutions, you can effectively collaborate with vendors to operate more efficiently and deliver better customer service.

As a retailer, strategically partnering with your vendors is a smart move. SAP provides data collaboration platforms that can streamline processes such as placing purchase orders, invoicing, and developing new products. These improvements create value that is then passed on to your customers.

Successful collaborations with your business partners are about more than sharing data—they’re built on the mutual sharing of risk. Whether your joint ventures are judged as successes or failures, both partners will benefit from new knowledge and experience.


Productivity has been shown to increase in teamwork-driven environments. Elevate your workforce through sales collaboration and the creation of employee communities, making employees an important pillar of your operational success.

Achieving your business goals is impossible without a well-aligned workforce. Digital collaboration tools such as file sharing, video conferencing, and training apps are just a few ways to ensure that your employees are motivated to achieve the company’s vision.


In the digital age, consumers desire constant engagement. Mobile apps, email, and social media platforms are a few ways to meet this demand. Communication is important for recruiting and retaining loyal customers.

Open data sources are another popular way to increase customer collaboration. Within these channels, customers can share insights with one another. They’re also an excellent source of feedback, revealing an honest look into your customers’ experiences.


Imagine all of the potential partners in your local area. Now think bigger. Consider all of the potential partners in your state, in your country, and across the globe. SAP’s Ariba Network eliminates physical boundaries, enabling you to collaborate with any company around the world. Using cloud-based applications, it connects companies of all sizes and industries. It’s reportedly the largest trading partner community anywhere. Currently, the network has more than two million members, generating billions in commerce transactions each day, and it continues to grow every minute.

This network of buyers and sellers focuses on facilitating business commerce opportunities that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. It also makes sharing compliance, risk, performance, and transaction information easier and more convenient.

The Ariba Network operates with three main areas of focus:


Want to widen your vendor pool? Take your pick of global suppliers who are competing to win your business. The Ariba Network offers a free buyer-selling matching service. Just submit a request for proposal (RFP) that describes what you’re looking for, review the responses, and select the vendor that’s right for you. It’s a one-stop shop for sourcing suppliers, overseeing contracts, and managing procurement needs.


Perhaps you’d rather compete for business. If that’s the case, there are probably numerous customers who are seeking your services at this moment on the Ariba Network. You can drive sales by sending your catalog to potential customers, reviewing RFPs, submitting proposals, and networking for new business.


The Ariba Network is designed to make e-commerce easy, and that includes the elimination of traditional paper-based financial processes. As a member of the Ariba community, you’ll access solutions to make the invoicing and payables processes easier. Vendors get paid faster and customers can utilize innovative payment management options.

Beyond its e-commerce functions, the Ariba Network presents an opportunity to embrace globalization and build valuable connections. With expanding membership every day, the possibilities for collaboration are endless. Gain a competitive advantage by becoming a member and tapping into new business commerce opportunities.

As a global company that operates in 40 countries, we know the value in constantly collaborating with other industry leaders. This strategy allows businesses to discover leading technologies, proven techniques for process improvements, and industry best practices.

If you’re ready to access all of the benefits associated with new collaborations, contact us today to get started. We’ll help you implement the processes, technologies, and solutions to become a stronger competitor in the global marketplace.

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