Did SAPPHIRE provide Journey Map for HANA

How SAP-HANA is the future for most ERP Subject Matter Experts?

In the just concluded SAPPHIRE, Professor Hasso Platner, CoFounder and Chairman of SAP Supervisory Board and his team of presenters, spoke in-depth about SAP HANA. They shared the vision of SAP with regards to SAP HANA and how they envision to once again change the way enterprise resource planning works. SAP also realizes the fact sooner than later all business customers would make a significant step toward doing a complete business transformation in their bid to become a complete digital enterprise.

With the Managing of Large data with speed, the infrastructural, software savings as well reduction in human cost and optimization of business processes, SAP HANA has been a blessing to many of 3200 customers. But then there many interesting aspects that were touched by Platner and his team. Over a period of time, they did find there were data redundancy and many sources of information in the current ERP systems. When more applications were making life simpler, the information from the ERP systems was getting complicated perhaps exponentially. Combined with these findings and the need for speed in the digital age, the HANA platform was introduced. HANA makes use of real-time, in-memory computing and has removed data redundancy to the possible extent and has introduced a simple source of information for business analysts. Financial Planning and Operation has been made simpler. Platner and his team were able to show what SAP HANA migration looks like and the key benefits for customers and what potentially looks like the direction in which SAP HANA is headed.

Now, what does SAP plan to accomplish by making the ERP simpler and faster in digital age apart from the agility and aid in decision making? For one, SAP does realize the ever changing business needs and has taken care of new processes and standards for the different industrial sectors. So some of the custom code developed would not be relevant for the new environment. But the major point is in the fact that SAP wants new and innovative applications which could enhance the digital transformation. With some of the current applications integrated with most ERPs are focussed on operational functionalities, SAP HANA to be “The Digital” Enterprise platform that could help organization accelerate their way to being a digital enterprise. One way to achieve that is by being a right platform for next generation edge-to-core connected business applications. SAP with its architecture and integration techniques has provided that platform for digital applications to thrive.

The key points for business leaders are SAP HANA is here to stay. The modern, in memory platform which adds agility and simplification want to move from being a just a traditional ERP to an ERP platform that not only supports digital and cloud-based solutions but also one which could be more of analytic and more intelligent ERP.

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