Future of SAP HANA Experts

How SAP-HANA is the future for most ERP Subject Matter Experts?

With each passing year, the gap between the exponentially growing demands and legacy IT is widening. Innovative solutions would be required from time to time to find ways to maximize the business value of information obtained from the ERP of your organization. More than ever before, Business Intelligence holds more than just a report generator role for many organizations. It has become a much strategic key for overall strategies of the companies. Again the managing of large data at high speed and agility has become the need of the hour for many businesses. SAP HANA is one of the best solutions available that can be leveraged to meet these needs.

One of the best things possible with SAP HANA is the effective simplification of your business environment and transactions, get real-time access for most up to date analysis, better insights and the complete 360 view of the business. But that’s not all SAP HANA provides a platform for innovative applications to be developed for the future and betterment of the services or products. It is also a fact till now only a small percentage of ERP customers has moved to SAP HANA and have pointed out and appreciated the analytical benefits as well as infrastructure, software, hardware and reduction in human cost. But with all these facts, what does the future hold for SAP HANA experts?

We see a bright future for those involved with SAP HANA. In fact, there are many roles to play for the SAP HANA experts apart from migration. One of their primary tasks would be identifying the programs developed in current SAP Environment that needs to be recreated in the HANA environment. Although some of the reports are no longer required as HANA brings in new capabilities, there are some which could be unique to the customer and which needs to be moved to the environment. SAP HANA consultants would also be handy especially in understanding the unique business environment of each business, the business strategies and the all the important roadmap for deployment & support of the SAP platform. All organizations would be looking at them for understanding and tailoring the range of services and functionalities with the help of SAP HANA without having any surprises and move faster to live and well-supported business environment. Another aspect where SMEs on HANA could get involved is in the development of applications that could be integrated with the open real-time suite. With HANA, applications which could enhance the digital transformation as well drive new business value in the context of the business and industries can be developed. The experts could help in many aspects of these application developments and dramatically improve the capabilities.

With early adopters of SAP HANA appreciating for its in-memory real-time computing capability and TCO savings, it is just matter of time before other organizations also join the bandwagon. There would be a huge demand for HANA resources simply because it is not just giant companies that are moving to HANA, but also smaller companies are too. Their choice is however not because of the HANA capabilities but because the architecture is less complex and infrastructure is far easier to manage.