Value Creation Framework of SuccessFactors in Digital Economy

How SAP Successfactors is driving the digital transformation in HR?

Today, digital technology has revolutionized not only economy, business. social media but also on how Human Resources function in an organization. Conventional techniques for attracting, hiring, retaining or communicating talents is no longer suited to the current digital world. In fact, digital technology is impacting more than ever before the manner in which employees and potential talents are interacting with organizations. But then it is also a great concern, that most organizations have their Human Resources department lagging in digital processes. Inadequate digitalization in HR processes has failed to capture all the innovations and opportunities and most predominantly the workforce analytics. Many HR leaders do recognize the importance of digitalization and their importance while transforming their business practices. With the help of digitalization, HR organizations could achieve more effective and innovative ways or recruitment, learning, talent management as well as performance management.

SucessFactors from SAP is one such solution which targets to transform HR processes for the digital era and help in building your company future with talent management.

SAP SuccessFactors suite is a worldwide cloud-based solution targeting Human Resources processes with talent management solutions, planning and analytics. The Suite is given to customers as a Service Solution on a scalable, reliable and secure platform. Now how does SAP SuccessFactors fit in the bill to bring in the digital transformation in HR? Well, for one, it does system integration with all HR functions, bringing in a true transformation. It enables to access information access all geographies and provide better information and analytics. This helps in increasing the alignment of HR processes with organizational strategies. But what many HR leaders are appreciating about SAP SuccessFactors are not just these important features. SAP SuccessFactors presents Real-time workforce data with all possible analytics. It brings in greater automation and streamlining of processes and are much easier for employee appreciation and adoption. Unlike many other systems and solutions, total protection of corporate data while having a secure social collaboration across the organization. Another big benefit is the tight integration found in SuccessFactors. It integrates the workforce strategies into corporate strategies and helps leaders to measure the success. You could analyse what is happening with your workforce and mitigate any risks. And with a cloud solution, HR department can ensure better collaboration between the workgroups as well as have a complete HR system on the cloud. SAP SuccessFactors brings in a never-before collaboration, agility and insight to bring in the competitive differentiation for the HR organizations. In short,SAP SuccessFactors can be viewed as a complete package of integrated cloud solutions for digitalization of HR organizations.

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