Lets Make More Amazing Things Happen With SalesForce Community Cloud

Lets Make More Amazing Things Happen With SalesForce Community Cloud

Online communities have been around for quite some time. Although the technologies behind such digital platforms have not changed much, the human aspect of the communities is undergoing fast changes. In fact, the entire community software market has clearly increased employing the digital communities to analyse the stakeholders closer , to get work done more cost-effectively .

But now, many organizations have realized that digital communities can help realize strategic outcomes. Studies show that significant benefits have been achieved across the board for many businesses with the help of social business. A good online community can be a big contribution to success but a great platform for same defines it. For many it has also become the critical point or rather the centre stage in this hyper-connected world for engaging the different stakeholders and creating a shared value within the organization as well as with the outside world.

With online communities becoming increasingly the new norm of connecting and collaborating, and companies running everywhere for a digital platform to boost their engagements, enter one of the best and recommended tool Salesforce Community Cloud. The tool is designed to bring community members the most relevant content while the algorithms behind the tool are powered to analyse both structured and unstructured data.

How could Salesforce Community be of any value to the business? For one, this next-generation portal makes use of real-time collaboration and the ability to share any document and on any mobile device. Communities can be built to address specific interests of customers and stakeholders. But then there is more to it.

Better service

For business, especially small and medium scale enterprises, there is a huge need to streamline and automate business processes so that fast addition of customers is possible as well as providing better and effective service to customers. Salesforce Community cloud can significantly help in that aspect.

Transformation of enterprise workplace

With Salesforce community cloud, all employees in an enterprise could find information to be better productive and engaged. Beyond the boundaries of the office, department, employees could collaborate on content all on real-time, i.e 24/7.

Connect Customers in a never –before manner

With the flexibility in creating multiple communities to take care of the business demands/needs, enterprises not only could provide better service to customers but also gain better and deeper relationships with customers. Customers, in turn, could provide direct feedback on the products and services. With a rich, high-quality self-experience, customer enthusiasm only increases and could transform them into ambassadors for the business.This also helps indirectly the business to redirect the service agent to look into more impactful areas.

Build a community for anything and everything

Creation of a community for anyone and anything that could be critical for business success is possible with community cloud and it also increases the collaboration with different members of the business ecosystem.

Visiontree Technology understands social media capability is a major point in stakeholder engagement and for business. We help business enterprises in building online communities relevant to their needs with the help of salesforce community cloud. With our knowledge and expertise, we do not look or build communities as just enterprise or consumer enterprises but then great communities which could support customers /enterprises, support multiple locations, automation of routine tasks, bringing in governance capabilities and serve any other standard enterprise IT requirements.

We are no longer looking at communities as enterprise or consumer communities but rather communities which could bring in support to customers or enterprises, ability to support multiple locations, aid in the automation of routine tasks, high-quality responsive user experience, governance capabilities and any other standard enterprise IT requirements.