Personalize Customer Journey

The success of any business primarily lies in the personalization of your customer experience journey. Personalization is important to increase sales and customer retention. Customer Personalization depends on effective analytics that give real insights into likely customer behaviours. It is focused on providing the customers with relevant content and product recommendations based on analytics and their browsing and purchase history.

At VisionTree Digital our overall marketing framework consists of several key elements such as planning and execution, website designing, SEO strategy, SEM strategy, Conversion analysis, Branding, application development, email marketing, social media marketing, Blogging strategy, and overall management and support. But in order to personalize customer journeys we look into two important aspects namely Digital Marketing and Social Selling.

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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a useful technique for the promotion of brands, to build preferences and to boost sales. It is one way to directly convert leads into customers and retain them for long term. We put Digital marketing into practice by selection of services, products and our brand marketing tactics and strategies that use internet as a fundamental promotional medium. We also offer digital marketing through mobile devices, website and other traditional methods of advertising.

Our Digital marketing activities comprise of content marketing, content automation, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), and campaign marketing. Social media marketing, e-mail direct marketing, display of advertisements, e–books are other common forms of digital media that we utilize. We make use of the mobile and other non-Internet channels that provide digital media, via (SMS and MMS), phone calls. Our focus is based on the inbound marketing approach which is an extremely customer centric approach.

Digital Transformation

We have built Social Apps and various Mobile Apps that make it possible for customers to collaborate between various user communities and other customers across the globe irrespective of their locations and time-zones. Our intent of spreading the word through the social media is for resonating trust amongst connected users. With Social media API integration we have been able to comprehend and analyze which users’ and behavior patterns drive conversions, traffic, as well as revenue using social media APIs real-time performance analytics. With the integration of Social Media we are able to invite our subscribers to follow us on their social network of choice. Integrating social marketing helps to boost our online presence and engage subscribers on a large scale.

Social Selling

Social Selling is the process of building relationships as an integral part of the sales process. The means of social selling have changed and happen via popular channels such as social networks namely Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest. Social selling is gaining popularity because most companies whether B2B or B2C are now adopting social selling techniques as they are translated to the latest social media platforms.

Our Social selling techniques generally comprise of sharing content with customers which is most relevant to them, personal interaction directly with potential buyers as well as customers, personal branding, advocacy or recommendations and social listening.

At VisionTree Digital our experts are involved in monitoring and searching social networks based on various criteria such as customer interest, immediate buying objective, or qualified prospect status based on geography, industry, role etc.

The next step involves Personal branding, where our experts make use of popular social media to establish an individual’s reputation and credibility. We create compelling personal profiles that showcase a sales professional’s expertise, credibility, and integrity. We highlight personal information such as education background, interests, religious affiliation, etc. to find common ground with channel partners and potential buyers.

Advocacy/recommendation begins when sales professionals or other staff members utilize their own social presence to share business news, stories, and insights about the company with social networks. This activity includes sharing content, connecting with industry leaders, responding to queries, etc.

Social listening is an important part of Social Selling. It is an important process of monitoring digital media channels and social networks to build a strategy that influences consumers in the best way possible. Collating relevant information from places that consumers participate in online generally proves to be helpful.