Learning is increasingly becoming a strategic challenge for organizations as they have to enhance knowledge and at the same time retain it, satisfy complex compliance/regulatory requirements and reduce learning costs. Conventional learning techniques are no longer sufficient and there is a strong need to leverage the latest technologies as well as social trends in order to optimize investments.

Learning Management System (LMS) is a unique and modern technology platform that is capable of supporting multiple online software products for various educational units. It’s a powerful Web-based application with activities mainly for Customers and the Employees of VisionTree Digital It is a single comprehensive workplace for learning, teaching, and saving valuable time.

Our aim of building the LMS is for the purpose of delivering electronic-Learning courses and training programs across the globe irrespective of location constraints. The LMS is a software application that handles administration, documentation, tracking of courses and e-learning programs, as well as reporting, besides delivery of specialized and customized e-learning courses and training programs. The LMS offers a range of courses over the Internet with well designed features for online collaboration.

Our LMSs leverage Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) support which is a de facto standard for LMSs.

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Our LMSs Is Crafted Mainly For The Customers And For The Employees


A product tour facilitates customers to search the desired course catalogue, select courses and books, and register themselves for courses. Based on their requirement and training needs our team at VisionTree Digital prepares a custom made product tour for the customers. It’s a very easy step by step guided tour that allows customers to access the learning management system software from their mobile and tablet devices.

It is also accessible via multiple browsers for desktop/laptop users. Customers can choose and view task-based, short training clips and videos. The product tour displays and gives a detailed overview of all the features of the LMS such as Learner features from login to Log out, User management features, Admin features, Security, Reporting and Online Course Management features.

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A service trial allows customers to avail the e-learning services. Under this offer customers can experience the power of e-Learning without any pre-requisites or conditions. The Service trial allows customers (individuals as well as teams) to have a quick glance through the software without any kind of risk involved.

Depending on the customer requirements, our team at VisionTree Digital will offer a customized service trial and a trial e-Learning module that best fits your needs. We offer module based subscription which has validity as per the customers training needs.

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The product manuals allow customers to find out more about the new features and capabilities in the eLearning software, tools and the learning management systems. The product manual systematically describes and explains each and every feature and functionality of various modules in detail.

It describes the LMS using illustrative images and screenshots. If the customers have any query regarding the working of the software, its features, product updates, etc. they can refer to the latest version of the product manual that is made available with every major update.

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VisionTree Digital offers a complete and comprehensive list of courses and course content available typically in alphabetical. This list is helpful in selecting courses or training modules for learners. Employees can choose one or more subjects of interest from the catalogue. As per each and every employee or a group of employees the training requirements will be finalized by VisionTree Digital team and the employees can take up their respective courses.

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E-Governance forms an important part of the Employee series. Employees have the liberty to choose to learn various internal as well as external tools. They can go through the e-learning catalogue and choose to enroll for various courses. They can view video clips related to multiple courses. They can post their queries and concerns which will be attended by the admin. The admin will have the right to upload videos related to course content. The admin can also post blogs on different subjects and topics. The employees can post their comments on related blogs.

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VisionTree Digital has a flexible and robust framework where the employees are free to choose their subject of interest and register for that particular course. If there are subject matter experts in a particular domain they too can register themselves as authorities who can impart training. This way the framework gives an equal opportunity for learning as well as teaching. The Series consists of various categories to choose from. The subjects of specialization are Salesforce, Finance, Accounts, IT, Engineering etc. The Administrator helps the employees subscribe for the modules they choose. The administrator also manages course related activities of both the trainers and the learners.

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