Most businesses generally use a system of sales forecasting as an important part of their sales management strategy. Such systems or software programs make sales forecasts in two ways; one is either by automatically mining data that already exists in the system, or by following a step-by-step worksheet that collates all the necessary sales information to make the necessary calculations. But not all sales forecasting systems produce accurate results.

It is important for the sales experts to know in which direction the business is heading. One cannot rely on a single source for the accurate forecasting of results. It is a good practice that the forecast be vetted from multiple perspectives to help the management make critical decisions. It is necessary to have a comprehensive Sales forecasting process in place that can be continuously evaluated, modified and managed smoothly as conditions change.


Our experts specialize in various areas such as tailor made UX and UI Designs, Data Visualization, building quick /rapid prototypes, Interactive Infographics, User Experience Research etc. We create wireframes and aesthetic page designs to bring the user interface design to life. It is one of the key components in a user’s web experience journey.

We offer a range of user experience services that includes definition of user profiles, participation in product envision workshops, usage scenarios, task flow, information hierarchy, develop information navigation and interaction models, build prototypes like static or interactive rapid wireframes, branded prototypes, and structural prototypes.

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Our Process

At VisionTree Digital the UX design team handles a 360-degree view of customer projects and leverages the right tools and methods to come up with the best designs. We ensure a concise layout, transparent and intuitive navigation, and an improved interactivity.

Our Process of building custom UI/UX designs consists of the following:

Social technologies add maximum value to business when they become central to the Initially we chalk out a complete plan in order to identify UI design strategy and conduct related research. We hold stakeholder meetings where inputs and feedback, suggestions are invited. The idea is to thoroughly understand business goals as well as the user demographic. Based on our understanding and approval from the customer we proceed to the next step of Design.
The design phase comprises of the Information Architecture, Content Strategy, Navigation / Wireframe Design, Prototyping, Clickable prototyping of key areas, Visual Design. The testing consists of validating Screen Designs, Validate designs with stakeholders.
HTML, CSS Development as well as verification of HTML pages across number of browsers and devices