Improve Employee Collaboration

Employee Collaboration is the participation of employees across VisionTree Digital. HR departments need to ensure that employees have the opportunity and a way of expressing ideas and discussing their issues at the same time also be heard by HR managers and management / decision makers. This could generally be done during employee reviews, weekly meetings or just an open door policy. HR managers should be concerned about finding latest technologies to help employees communicate and collaborate effectively. With increasing usage of social media and collaboration tools within corporate structures it has become easy to improve employee collaboration. There is a need for provide training to elevate the team’s skills and levels of collaboration. If required select some resources who will be responsible for overall employees’ professional development to expect high returns on investment.

Clear and transparent communication is essential for successful collaboration. Create an environment of transparent, open communication, by establishing a protocol for exchanging information. Select the right channels for communications. Or use one central hub for communication for example the intranet or enterprise collaboration system so all interactions happen in a central place. This ensures and helps to keep everyone involved on the same page about updates without having to check multiple emails or social feeds.

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Has The Following Two Effective Ways Of Improving Employee Collaboration

Digital Self Service Walls

Digital interactions are gradually and increasingly becoming more important, useful and are enabling employees to interact much faster and more cost effectively. From self service walls to online portals and more, digital self services are gaining large momentum and keeping employees connected. Our Digital Self Service Wall provides employees instant access to the latest updates and relevant, information across any device with a consistent, single responsive self-service experience. We provide personalization options which ensure that the employees view relevant content and facilitate segmentation of content only for specific roles. This digital self service wall has a Single sign-on feature that ensures all employees have seamless access to required content. It offers its employees with the provision of on-demand access to content, along with the facility to Search and retrieve articles (documents/files).

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Learning Management Systems

Our aim of building the LMS is for the purpose of delivering electronic-Learning courses and training programs across the globe irrespective of location constraints. The LMS is a software application that handles administration, documentation, tracking of courses and e-learning programs, as well as reporting, besides delivery of specialized and customized e-learning courses and training programs. The LMS offers a range of courses over the Internet with well designed features for online collaboration. Our LMSs leverage Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) support which is a de facto standard for LMSs. Our LMSs is crafted for our Employees. Implementing an LMS into any organization is highly advantageous for administrators as well as its employees. An LMS allows anytime access that facilitates administrators to design relevant content and deliver it in advance, while allowing employees to access that information whenever they want. This helps in fostering more effective learning.

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