Improve Customer Service

It is a fact that a company has good reputation primarily if the quality of its customer service is good and prompt. Customer Service needs to be improved all the time and that is possible only by knowing your customers, finding out what they are interested in, resolving their queries as soon as possible, providing them with useful and relevant information, by looking at all the customer touchpoints, (Customer touchpoints are a brand’s points of customer contact, from beginning to end), improved customer interactions, and following-up after a problem has been resolved. All these activities require proper planning and a good Customer Service Management Strategy.

Enhancing customer service strategy involves getting personal with your customers and making them believe that you are real and not robots providing automated responses to their real problems. Being available when required and providing the required help when needed is equally important. Creating communities and making them a part of it will make the customers feel important. There are numerous ways of bringing together customers with common interests such as webinars, service portals, social media; trade shows etc. where they can learn new things.

It is equally important to strengthen customer service skills and make sure that all the representatives involved with customer service are available all the time, and provide the necessary help and effective solutions to the customers when needed. Make sure that these representatives provide a way to the customers to share their valuable feedback which will be helpful in resolving similar issues in future.

Service portals

At VisionTree Digital as a part of our customer service, we provide Service Portals to enable customers with personalized and interactive options online. In this way customers can reach out to us anytime and from anywhere and receive answers to their issues. They can complete transactions, submit support issues and retrieve information from our knowledge base. We believe in transparent and open communication with a range of different self service options to boost customer satisfaction and retention.

When customers access our service portal, they are able to view solutions that have been shared in the service portal, add new tickets and view the status of tickets sent by customers, 24/7. This results in greater degree of customer satisfaction and significant reduction in the incoming support tickets. Our team of administrators have the right to add new portal users, manage access permissions and customize the customer service portal.


    • Customers can raise new trouble tickets by logging onto our service portal so as to access personalized content and relevant support documentation.
    • We provide password-protected access to key customer support tools as well when required
    • Our portal offers Customers the option of updating their own profiles, viewing their ticket histories, checking their ticket status, searching for tickets, searching and viewing related solutions & information on the portal
    • Access forums and interact with other customers
    • The service portal offers receipt confirmation for a service request with a unique case number
    • 24/7 Service Portal availability