We have realized that Channel partners’ played a vital role and hence are extremely importance in meeting revenue objectives. We perform Partner Analytics to find out Partner location, data, types of partners etc. We also perform Partner Segmentation to manage different types of Channels Partners. Those partners with lesser touch points would receive more communication, self-paced training and virtual support as and when required. It is important to engage Channel Partners better and have successful Channel collaboration which helps us deliver great value to customers as well as achieve high competitive advantage. We do not drive improvements by changing facets of their channel strategies, instead we provide innovative insights into areas of how to engage and prepare channel partners for a business and technology change. We and our channel partners leverage common tools and processes to enhance overall effectiveness.

vendor management Platforms

Today there are number of Vender Management Platform available in the Market. They have powerful vendor payments management solutions that streamline the process of managing global supplier payments. There are cloud-based systems for all supplier payment processes. Such platforms provide end-to-end solutions that help to reduce costs and achieve greater transparency.

Most Vendor Management Platforms have easy-to-use features and turnkey vendor monitoring. Generally, such platforms provide a comprehensive set of tools along with workflow automation that enable world class vendor management with due diligence, risk assessments, contract monitoring, performance reviews, policy compliance as well as reporting capabilities.

Vendor Insights form an important part of the business. Vendor management platforms allow to store and manage vendor contracts. It allows conducting risk assessments and fulfilling the demands from multiple regulators. Vendor Insights prove to be useful for streamlining contract risk management and those who need to meet strict regulators demands.