An Extremely Balanced Approach Of Handling Both Customer Collaboration As Well As Employee Collaboration With Utmost Consideration.

In a world of ever increasing dynamism and mounting competitive pressure, undoubtedly, all organizations face significant challenges. On one hand, an abundance of novel ideas and increasingly futuristic customers necessitate innovation throughout their operations; while on the other hand, dispersed, more powerful and less loyal workers stipulate higher payment and a balanced work environment that supports both personal as well as professional development.

Digital Collaboration has emerged recently. It is completely different from conventional collaboration where the only aim is to work with others to do a task and to accomplish shared goals. At VisionTree Digital, Digital Collaboration is a very useful combination of digital devices, open source data and the latest cloud technology with the intent of sharing knowledge, managing large amounts of information and contribution of user generated content to diverse and dispersed communities of people across the world, irrespective of time and location. Through Digital collaboration we aim at connecting and sharing knowledge with a larger network of participants at a global level so that they are able to achieve much more than they could if they were on their own.

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Customer Collaboration

Involves association of customers via common mobile devices such as apps, emails, social media, and open data sources available on the internet that connects customers on a global level. Emails are the most convenient and popular tool used for collaboration which allows users to exchange email messages and vital information online via computer, laptop, tablet, or a smartphone. Social Media networks promote collaboration as well as administer and share knowledge amongst interested groups.

Customer participation within these networks builds trust among them which leads to open sharing of new and useful ideas. Open data sources can be considered as the apps that are capable of delivering data in order to help customers make decisions. Customers are also capable of providing data about their experience or location which has social value to other interested customers.

VisionTree Digital helps our client with two type of customer collaboration:

a. Customer Communities b. Regional E-Chapters

A. Customer Communities

Recent digital collaborative tools for example Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia, Pinterest and Flipboard are building trust among customers and open nature in their on-line communities. Influenced by optimism and trust amongst customers, today the trend is of sharing and supporting resources. Such factors add to increased adoption of digitally collaborative tools and active participation of customer communities.

In developing innovations too, customers tap into a deep understanding and knowledge of VisionTree Digital’s product lines, its possibilities and limitations. For example, VisionTree Digital has incorporated inputs from customers and developed completely new strategies and new standards. These customer-created innovations have expanded VisionTree Digital’s experience and have enabled creative possibilities that weren’t possible earlier. The innovations have created value for the innovator and encouraged deeper customer community engagement.

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B. Regional E-Chapters

Being chapter leaders, VisionTree Digital strongly believes in encouraging networking and build healthy partnerships and relationships with other regional chapters, and customer community groups across the globe. At VisionTree Digital all active chapters collaborate cordially both within the network by forming relationships or working with other VisionTree Digital chapters regionally or globally and outside the network by working with other clubs, organizations, or businesses. We have nearly 25 professional chapters worldwide, each with unique offerings to connect people, ideas, and programs to help everyone succeed.

VisionTree Digital strongly believes in the importance of nurturing local ecosystems. One way we do it is by supporting regional chapters that allow our chapter members to work together in explicit geographies. Chapters aim to promote collaboration and knowledge sharing among local community members, to serve as a medium to global company activities, and to support regional activities and encourage efforts that support small and growing businesses in the region.

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Employee Collaboration at any workplace is when minimum of two or more people or groups work together to accomplish a common goal through idea sharing and thinking. In other words, it can be referred to as employee teamwork being elevated to a much higher level. With rapid advancements in technology, VisionTree Digital has adopted high speed internet, file sharing, web-based programs, emails and video-conferencing techniques due to which employee collaboration has become an extremely productive method of working.

The advantages of Employee collaboration are many, such as solve problems and innovating faster, working in efficient manner, gives the employees job satisfaction, equal participation, and equal opportunity. Employee retention is higher as the employees are more likely to stay and feel they are indeed a part of something very important.

VisionTree Digital helps our client with two type of Employee Collaboration:

a. Sales Collaboration b. Employee Communities

A. Sales Collaboration

The success of any business relies on Sales Collaboration. At VisionTree Digital we have a number of tools and techniques for Sales Collaboration. We engage in Sales collaboration by regular communication with our marketing and Sales personnel. We leverage many of the newer internal social media tools to promote communication. Our activities comprise of internal email and internal social media programs that facilitate real-time chat streams which are instant, direct and accessible to several people and have the capability of being recorded for future retrieval.

We also use the customer relationship management software for sales collaboration. CRM software allows VisionTree Digital to track and access complete data on customer interactions that allows various other VisionTree Digital departments, such as sales, marketing, research and development, customer service, accounts, finance and administration etc. do their job in a better manner.

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With the emergence of social media which gives people the freedom to express their opinions and views, there is similar expectation of the employees at the workplace. They expect to quickly connect, engage, and collaborate with other employees and departments within the organization. At VisionTree Digital we have tapped into these employee networks, have facilitated their engagement at scale, and provided our employees with great experiences effectively in order to become employee-centric.

We leverage popular tools that keep our employee communities connected. Tools that are a one-stop-shop for employees to raise queries, log cases, review employee schedules, log tickets for IT, manage employee expense reports, find training material, search knowledge databases and collaborate with co-workers.

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