The need to Automate Talent Management process arises to reduce the burden of multiple routine administrative tasks that are being carried out manually. The automation of such tasks can dynamically enhance the entire Talent Management process. Automation allows measurement of Talent which in turn helps to drive Profitable Growth.

Automation of the Talent Management process has several benefits which has helped organizations improve quality of hire, hire globally competitive candidates, uncover unseen potential within employee talent pool, minimize costs associated with early employee turnover and absenteeism.

Requirements Understanding

Before beginning with the project, we conduct a question and answer session with the customer to gather detailed information and understand their vision, purpose of the app, goals and business requirements. For a better understanding it is necessary to grasp customer mobile initiatives, audience, and goals right in the beginning of the project.

At times a short proof of concept proves to be worthwhile to validate new technologies before jumping on to a complex project in a new technology space.

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In this phase we find out the short and long term goals and detailed requirements for the mobile app including third-party services and the various development resources that will be needed. This is to make sure that business objectives, creative design and mobile technology are understood properly and communicated to all involved stakeholders and team members.

We develop a detailed project plan which is broken down into various modules, dependencies, milestones, required assets and the entire product specification.

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building the prototype

In this phase we create mock-ups for the mobile app to understand the look and feel of the app and share the same with the customers. We adhere to the specifications of the devices such as the Smartphones and tablets guidelines and rules. The next thing is to develop a proof of concept, which is actually an interactive visualization of the mobile app. We have experience on popular tools such as Balsamiq for generating mock-ups.

We create wireframes that depict important scenarios and how the user interacts with the mobile app. All the mock-up screens undergo a review by the customer, after which a feedback is provided. We work on the feedback and get a final approval to proceed with the development phase.

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As soon as the prototype and design is signed off by the customer, our mobile developers start building the app as per the defined Project Plan. Development and incorporation of feedback may take us up-to three iterations. After development the mobile app needs to be tested.

If additional features are required or a new functionality is to be added it can be done at this stage. The next phase is the testing of the app

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To test the mobile app, our Quality Assurance resources work with the initial specifications and wireframes. We make sure that the mobile app performs well and works as desired on every mobile platform – such as iOS, Android, Windows. Our testing team tests the mobile apps using testing tools. Once an app is tested, we ensure that the features, user experience, and the look-and-feel are maintained throughout the mobile app.

After testing the mobile app, it is reviewed and finalized by the customer for its final launch. We release the mobile apps to App Store and Google Play marketplaces.

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We build custom desktop as well as web applications in order to help businesses solve real life problems that they face on a day to day basis. All your mobile app development needs will be fulfillled whether it is need for a native, custom, or hybrid app or a cross-platform responsive web app. Our responsive web design experts follow the approach where design and development respond to the user’s behaviour and environment based on the devices screen size, its orientation and the platform. We design of a mix of flexible grids and layouts, images and a smart use of CSS media queries to ensure that the customers get exactly what they want on each and every device. Our mobile app development solutions help you with robust and innovative mobile apps that ensure maximum ROI.

Our mobile app development services include the following:

IOS App Development : Our developers specialize in developing simple and complex apps for iOS devices such as the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch using both programming languages such as Swift and Objective-C. We build commercial, enterprise grade as well as in-house apps, that are custom developed as per customer requirements.

Android App Development : Our Android application developers have in depth knowledge of the all the versions of the Android OS, and can utilize their expertise and knowledge in languages such as Python, Java, C++, etc. to get the best results from Android SDK and its development tools.

Windows App Development : With expert knowledge of the modern Windows design language, we also have experience with Visual Studio and .NET, to help you create the best in class Windows apps. We have worked on the latest Windows 10 which makes it easier to develop apps for Windows Platform with just a single API set and a single app package to work with all Windows 10 devices namely phones, PCs, tablets, and much more.

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