10 Ways to Improve Improving User Experience

10 Ways to Improve Improving User Experience

Your digital presence is the first thing that users will use to form impressions about your organization. If it's clunky, inconsistent, or redundant, it can have negative consequences.

Since you only get one first impression, you should do your best to make sure it counts. To do so, consider the following 10 suggestions for improving user experience.

1. Improve your interface. Whether you’re using Salesforce or SAP HANA platforms, users expect to find information quickly. Ensure that your interface is intuitive and easy to navigate. Don't make users waste time searching for the functions they need.

2. Reduce process flow. Why perform three actions when you only need to do one? Why collect unnecessary data that overwhelms users when you don't need to? Identify inefficiencies and redundancies to ensure the user experience is fluid.

3. Automate. You’ll find that the more workflow you can automate, the better. The more automation you have, the faster and smoother your functionality will be. Workflow automation is a valuable tool that can also help free up resources, so you can focus on working toward your strategic business goals.

4. Enable collaboration.There are many powerful tools and technologies that allow people around the world to interact digitally. Leverage these tools to help users collaborate across lines of business and accomplish shared goals more effectively.

5. Make information available. Can users find the information they need without having to dig for it? If they need help, do they know where to find it? These are just a few of the questions that can help you make important information more accessible.

6. Consider custom solutions. Sure, out-of-the-box solutions are convenient and affordable. But are they getting the job done? Consider going the extra mile by making an investment in tailor-made solutions that will solve any issues your users are experiencing.

7. Get an outside opinion When you're closely involved in a project, it can be hard to maintain a big-picture focus. That's why working with a digital collaboration consultant can be so helpful. Your consultant can review processes and systems and then recommend solutions for an improved user experience that aligns with your goals.

8. Hire an expert. Sometimes, your current resources can only take you so far. Hiring UI and UX experts who specialize in product optimization can make improving your operations much easier and more efficient.

9. Embrace best practices Industry leaders have invested time and resources into figuring out which processes work best. Working with a company that specializes in digital collaboration consulting and services is an easy way to identify which practices work best for your enterprise and how to incorporate them into your operations.

10. Always consider the end-user’s perspective. When it comes down to it, what are your end-users’ unique needs? Ask for feedback, so you can improve user experience.

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