Here’s Why You Should Be Using Success Platforms

Here’s Why You Should Be Using Success Platforms

How are you collecting data to improve your organization? If you aren’t using an open-source business platform, you should be. Customer Success Platform is a Salesforce tool that enables you to increase your operational potential. It's a powerful resource that provides insight into important areas of business, including the following.

Online Marketing

Marketing is a high-priority task for all businesses. After all, how will you grow your customer base without reaching new audiences? Marketing Cloud allows you to gather customer feedback for more informed, effective marketing communications across all channels, from mobile campaigns to social media.

With Marketing Cloud insights, you can create well-designed digital marketing plans to drive results. Whether you need a campaign to increase sales leads or to create brand awareness, data from Marketing Cloud will help you develop sophisticated plans that put your marketing dollars to work.


Ultimately, every business has one primary objective: To profit. Sales Cloud can help. It tracks customer information and interactions, so your team can execute deals from the office, the field, or their email inboxes.

The best part? Sales Cloud serves as an all-in-one system where you can store, access, and update customer data, making it easy for team members to stay updated on where customers are in the sales funnel and keep thing moving.

Online Service

The best way to retain customers is by offering exceptional service. That's where Service Cloud comes in.

In the global marketplace, customers may need to interact with your organization at any given time. Service Cloud ensures that you have the resources in place to meet those demands. Live Agent is a live chat software that allows customers to interact with a service agent in real time for a satisfying, personal experience.

Customer Relationship Management

Utilizing a CRM tool that's integrated into your system is an important way to stay connected with your customer base. Monitor and manage your organization's customer life cycle with Success Platform.

Improving your CRM efforts will also help you turn online visitors into customers, thereby increasing your conversion rates. Utilize customer feedback to build trust and improve your digital presence to better meet consumers’ needs.


Does it sometimes feel like you're drowning in data? Success Platform makes the process of collecting, analyzing, and utilizing data more manageable.

With an open source data analytics platform, you can access data across your organization's entire operational ecosystem from your own custom dashboard. From there, you can turn that data into assets and outcomes that will allow you to tap into new innovations and take your business to the next level.

If you're interested in learning more about how Success Platforms can work for your products and services, partnering with a digital collaboration consultant is a smart way to get started. You'll soon be on your way to achieving your business goals.

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