10 Ways to Improve Customer Engagement

10 Ways to Improve Customer Engagement

Today, there are more ways to engage with customers than ever, and there’s never been so much competition to do so.

1. Improve your digital platform. Are you using a cookie-cutter platform that makes navigation challenging for the end user? Consider investing in a tailor-made platform that customers will find more useful and appealing.

2. Make communication easy. In the 24/7 global marketplace, it’s important to have flexible resources that are capable of servicing customers in any time zone. For instance, Live Agent is a Salesforce Service Cloud tool that allows customers to connect with agents for a personal interaction around the clock. These tools make all the difference to satisfied, engaged customers.

3. Get mobile. According to data from Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers, 51 percent of U.S. adults consume media via their mobile device(s). If you aren’t reaching them via mobile, it’s likely that your competitors are.

4. Automate workflow.Are time-consuming processes ruining your ability to provide responsive customer service? Workflow automation tools can help things run more smoothly for a more enjoyable and efficient customer experience.

5. Socialize in real time. As of July 2015, 76 percent of online adults were active users of social media, according to the Pew Research Center. If you really want to influence customers’ purchasing decisions, work on your social enterprise by becoming an active member in online conversations.

6. Embrace open data sources. Open data sources are powerful when it comes to influencing purchasing decisions. They serve as online communities that provide valuable information to customers, so they can make well-informed decisions. In turn, customers are also able to share information about their experiences with others.

7. Educate. Learning management systems provide comprehensive teaching, training, and education to your customers as well as employees. Many include well-designed features that allow users from around the world to collaborate with one another digitally.

8. Test and test some more. With Marketing Cloud from Salesforce, you can easily test variations of content marketing, including the timing of posts and the delivery channels you use. The results show how customers prefer to communicate with your organization. You might be surprised at what the data reveals.

9. Invest in CRM. Leveraging software that is designed for customer relationship management will help everyone from R&D to your sales team learn better ways to satisfy customers. Consider CRM software a smart investment for the future of your organization.

10. Enact a digital transformation. Optimizing your operations for better success in the digital age involves more than simply upgrading your technology. It’s also about improving your processes and removing redundancies, so you can focus on what’s really important: Engaging with your customers.

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