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SAP offers cloud-based and local network solutions to help retailers to:

  • Predict pricing for best alignment with customer needs.
  • Connect promotions to customer buying behavior.
  • Boost the efficiency of retail operations and processes.

Shelf management solutions from SAP helps retailers to:

  • Optimize price planning through customer-centric data for all customer channels.
  • Promote their businesses by creating omnichannel advertising and promotions.
  • Increase profits by strategically managing markdowns.

Retail shelf management services include:

  • Meat Processing Starter Pack for SAP for Retail, which helps solve the often requested processing of prime to retail cuts in meat and fish handling. This includes a simplified end-to-end meat process.
  • Starter Pack Service for Grocery Retailing, an end-to-end enterprise resource planning accelerator for grocery retail projects, which includes a load program for article hierarchy and competitor prices, happy hour pricing, sophisticated article substitution handling, additional “POWLs” lists, and condition arrangement-based subsequent settlement.
  • Preconfigured In-Store Production Scenarios for SAP for Retail, which provides preconfigured sample scenarios tailored to the retailer’s in-store production. This includes a central enterprise resource planning-based recipe management item to describe how to create and design food in stores while centralizing cost calculation and stock postings.
  • Starter-pack implementation for retail promotion management, a service that offers a preconfigured and integrated prototype environment to customers starting a PMR project. This service is designed to speed up integration and reduce deployment costs.

VisionTree partners with SAP HANA to offer transformation services that are designed to simplify the processes of migrating an existing SAP business suite to SAP HANA. To ease the transition of migrating to SAP, VisionTree offers SAP HANA Migration. This service provides a dedicated VisionTree consultant to guide retail clients through every phase of the restructure process, including evaluating the current interface, preparing for changes, migration, and SAP management. The VisionTree consultant will support the retail client through all phases of the migration to validate factory and SAP specifications.

Retailers with interest in SAP HANA solutions have the option to restructure from their current ecosystem, convert from an existing SAP business suite, or create a custom solution for SAP HANA cloud. VisionTree SAP HANA experts specialize in consulting services that provide retailers with a personalized road map for their digital transformation.


SAP Customer Activity Repository is an integration of SAP HANA Live for SAP Business Suite based on SAP NetWeaver. The SAP Customer Activity Repository infrastructure collects previously disjointed transactional data and unifies data models for all consuming applications. The main functions of SAP Customer Activity Repository include:

  • Multichannel Sales Repository (MCSR): This captures transactional, inventory, and master data types and is also used to define in-store or web order channels in order to associate POS transaction and sales document-related data.
  • Analytics Content: A series of virtual data models allows users to perform multichannel sales and inventory analysis based on the data stored in the SAP HANA database.
  • Demand Data Foundation (DDF): This module gives the SAP Customer Activity Repository the capabilities to plan and analyze based on a proprietary data model, data import infrastructure, and mass maintenance tools.
  • Unified Demand Forecast: A module analyzes and models historical demand data and estimates future demand and provides these services to the consuming applications.

SAP On-Shelf Availability (OSA) gives users data related to the current and past on-shelf availability in retail stores. SAP OSA is an add-on to SAP Customer Activity Repository. (Please note that SAP OSA 2.0 is currently only available for clients utilizing SAP Customer Activity Repository 1.0.) SAP On-Shelf Availability is useful to retailers for two different scenarios: Analytical and Operative.

With analytical processing of OSA, retailers will understand past out-of-shelf situations, identify out-of-shelf hotspots, and determine how to improve shelf availability in stores. Additional benefits include:

  • Optimization of delivery cycle, pack sizes, shelf capacity, and shelf replenishment
  • Organizational measures
  • Optimized workforce planning

The operative scenario uses OSA monitoring to provide retailers with real-time alerts for products that may face on-shelf-availability issues. To improve on-shelf availability, OSA integrates with the following business processes:

  • Backroom replenishment
  • Correction of inventory figures
  • Ordering
  • Shelf tidying

SAP On-Shelf Availability detects historic out-of-shelf situations through analysis with a web-based Business Object Design Studio report called “UI On-Shelf Availability – Dashboard Template.” Retailers can use the report with default settings or customize results using Business Object Design Studio.

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