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SAP customer engagement and personalization solutions help retailers increase sales by both providing personalized customer content and offers to increase the number of items purchased as well as customer engagement and loyalty programs to strengthen shopper loyalty. By offering retail-time data across all channels, SAP solutions inform customers, make produce recommendations, and influence shopping behavior.

When retail organizations use SAP to combine history and real-time data to better understand the behaviors of their customers, they are empowered to design campaigns that are true to customer needs. Deep consumer insights result in an increase in customer loyalty and revenue.

Retail companies that use SAP customer engagement and personalization tools to view real-time order accuracy see approximately 70% less average sales discount. Moreover, it is estimated that approximately ¼ of organizations adopt multichannel communication to optimize customer contact.


SAP solutions for customer engagement can help retailers by offering:

  • Marketing recommendations to engage customers with context based, real-time offers
  • Contextually relevant customer experiences that are created by targeted and personalized real-time, experiences
  • Cross-channel engagement to deliver relevant interactions during every stage of the customer journey
  • Customer service exceeds expectations service options across all channels
  • Loyalty management to create personalized programs that offer relevant customer rewards
  • Remarketing through personalized web content based on customer behaviors
  • Social campaigns and engagement for retailers to discover new audiences and capture their attention with pertinent information

SAP in-store experience solutions target customer engagement and personalization solutions that enable retailers to understand consumers’ behaviors to further the omnicommerce customer experience.

Marketing Recommendations

With the ability to integrate with SAP hybris Commerce, SAP marketing recommendations deliver real-time intelligent marketing recommendations for products and services so retail companies can:

  • Develop personalized, context-relevant recommendations based on each individual customer purchasing behaviors and intuitive algorithms
  • Improve recommendations for relevant offers with self-learning model
  • Personalize ecommerce experience
  • Boost cross-sell and up-sell offer conversion and average order size

Contextually relevant customer experiences

Through real-time data, retailers can create specifically targeted and customized customer experiences to elevate marketing campaigns by:

  • Marketing to each customer by using state-of-the-art, behavior-based personalization in real-time
  • Gaining a 360-degree view of customers and analytical customer data to design targeted experiences
  • Making experiences available on all touch points with intuitive web content management potential

Cross-Channel Engagement

SAP offers cross-channel engagement to understand the full context of retail customers at every stage of the buying journey. These SAP solutions enable cross channel engagement by:

  • Using real-time data to deliver unique experiences
  • Launching personalized campaigns through automation or triggered by specific events
  • Personalizing ecommerce experiences and converting prospect customers to sales
  • Enriching the customer profile to deliver contextually relevant engagements over time

Loyalty Management (CRM)

SAP gives retail companies the power to create multichannel loyalty programs without dropping prices. By capturing customer behavior information, retailers can continuously refine loyalty programs.

Loyalty Management (Cloud)

Cloud-based loyalty management gives retail companies the ability to deliver premium customer experiences by:

  • Moving beyond traditional loyalty card-based systems to enhance customer relationships and prospect their lifetime value
  • Providing meaningful, personalized loyalty rewards to elevate customer retention, build long-term advocacy, and encourage customer referrals
  • Applying integrated loyalty programs that are tightly connected to core marketing and commerce competencies


By using real-time tools to assess customer online browsing behaviors, retailers will have the ability to execute a more-effective remarketing strategy. SAP solutions help retail organizations:

  • Automate the triggering of personalized follow-ups to convince shopping-cart abandoners to finish their purchase
  • Use lead scoring to trigger follow-up actions from business-to-business customers
  • Improve conversion rates by immediately delivering relevant messages in the moment

In addition, remarketing solutions can integrate with SAP HANA and SAP hybris related products.

Social Campaigns and Engagement

Retailers can offer existing and prospective customers a personalized experience through SAP solutions that build social campaigns and engagement. Marketing and customer service teams will be empowered to collaborate and respond quickly to customer inquiries, issues and comments on social media channels. Retail customers will be engaged with targeted social campaigns based on behavior and interests. This solution also helps retailers target prospect customers with identities similar to existing customers.

Social Campaigns and EngagemenCustomer Service

By understanding customer needs and providing service through contact centers and digital channels SAP solutions serve as excellent tools for retail organizations. Retailers can deliver seamless, customer experiences across all channels. Retail will have the ability to:

  • Offering Customer self-serve processes
  • Managing field services and installations
  • Presenting a variety of payment options

To further enhance the in-store experience, retailers will gain tremendous benefits by using SAP Precision Marketing. In real-time at the point of decision, SAP Precision Marketing enables interactions with consumers when they are actively engaged in a shopping activity and about to purchase a product. SAP Precision Marketing leverages these interactions to extract the shopping context of the consumer and select relevant real-time information to send to the customer.

SAP Precision Marketing gives retailers the power to entice the consumer with a high degree of personalization to inform and influence customers. As a specialized enterprise application, retail companies will appreciate deep domain expertise in one-to-one marketing, developed through partnership with market leaders in the retail industry.


Through SAP end-to-end solutions, retailers can focus on the customer experience, allowing them to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty - with fewer resources and reduced costs.

Retailers interested in integrating SAP In-store experience solutions and/or SAP Precision Marketing can partner with VisionTree’s experts to provide continuous support throughout the process. VisionTree helps retailers focus on customer engagement and personalization by offering ongoing support through access to SAP training services.

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