SAP Direct Store Delivery Solutions for Retail


To help retailers improve customer service and increase sales, SAP Direct Store Delivery (DSD) offers a comprehensive mobile solution to support field personnel and integrate back office and customer facing activities. Common activities supported include:

  • Visit planning and execution
  • Sales orders, deliveries, returns, credits and pricing
  • Credit checks, cash collection, electronic signatures
  • Barcode scanning, Inventory management
  • Surveys, audits, distribution checks
  • Route Accounting and Settlement

SAP DSD solutions support as a sales and distribution strategy by integrating territory and account planning with sales activities. SAP DSD takes the complexity out of these processes to improve productivity through several capabilities, including:

  • Planning and scheduling store visits and deliveries more efficiently
  • Mobile access to customer details related to orders and deliveries in real time
  • Sharing pricing, promotions and discounts
  • In-store access to verify product returns, process orders, and settle bills
  • Enhance product placement and in-stock levels

SAP offers the SAP Direct Store Delivery mobile app, which combines data to enable retailers to execute customer-facing activities. The app provides current data to sales teams related to:

  • Customers
  • Products
  • Store visits
  • Objectives
  • Sales
  • Pricing
  • Promotional activities
  • Surveys
  • Product delivery


Retailers that offer products sold and delivered directly to a store or outlet by a consumer products company or third-party distributor will benefit from SAP DSD solutions. Retailers that are currently shipping direct or using a third-party distributor will want to consider switching to SAP DSD to be able to take advantage of benefits such as:

  • Faster replenishment through in-store presence to help maintain accurate inventory levels on store shelves and displays.
  • Less frequency of out of stock items
  • Quick turnaround to stock product on store shelves

In addition, retailers will experience the value of differentiated customer experiences and gain industry leading best practices including:

  • Grow customer retention and loyalty
  • New sales opportunities through detailed market data
  • Streamlined routes
  • Improved in-store execution
  • Increased control and management of sales and delivery processes
  • Access to data to help employees be more productive
  • Reduced account settlement issues and administrative time
  • End-to-End integration with other technology solutions

SAP DSD gives retail companies the opportunity to take advantage of many functions to execute direct store delivery tasks, including:

  • Customer planning and order entry
  • Shipment preparation
  • Start of day
  • Check out
  • Sales visits
  • Distribution
  • Merchandising
  • Adding new visits, orders and delivery product
  • End-of-day processes
  • Final settlement

SAP DSD offers an array of features to benefit specific roles in retail sales and logistics operations. For all users throughout the retail organization, SAP Direct Store Delivery supports processes for:

  • Resource planning to help retailers plan and schedule visits efficiently
  • Start of tour to tailor sales routes on daily basis by employee role
  • Execution for sellers visiting customers, placing or delivering orders, processing returns, making collections and performing audits and surveys.
  • End of tour users can check in to complete their work after the final stop of the day
  • Settlement as a part of route accounting to complete activities and identify financial differences

SAP Mobile Direct Store Delivery (MDSD) is an optional component in SAP DSD that is use on mobile devices by field sales employees to alleviate paper. Through efficient processes that are role specific, retailers will be able to optimize sales and profits. Many employees will benefit from SAP DSD, including:

  • Delivery Drivers
  • Sales Representatives
  • Presellers
  • Van Sellers
  • Supervisors
  • Administrators

Employees supporting through mixed roles will also have access to a different business process for each role.


Delivery Drivers can manage activities via SAP DSD including assigned routes for delivery – which are arranged geographically to optimize distance and time spent on the road. Prior to leaving the distribution center to start the delivery route, drivers can inspect their vehicle to validate and confirm loaded products and available cash.

Drivers can also use their SAP DSD mobile device when visiting customers to track completed product deliveries, pick up returns, generate invoices, coordinate trade promotions, collect payments, print documents, and perform audits or surveys.

When deliveries are complete and the driver returns to the distribution center, SAP DSD initializes a financial settlement process to account for cash signed invoices and expense sheets. SAP DSD generates sales and distribution documents to help retailer identify discrepancies and reconcile inventory, invoices and collections.

Sales representatives and presellers on a mobile device to verify product returns, print and confirm invoices, track payments and manage inventory. SAP DSD empowers sales reps and presellers to execute strategies to maximize sales, distribution and profits.

Van Sellers are given access to the same tasks as the delivery driver or sales representative to help them validate inventory levels of product stocked on their vehicle. After the van seller arrives at the customer’s location, SAP DSD allows access to inventory levels and order processing functions.

Supervisors and administrators can configure SAP DSD to supervise the sales team. This custom configuration gives retailers the power to streamline business processes and improve daily workflow.

Mixed role employees have the ability to perform all sales roles at to meet customer needs at any point. Capabilities include managing customer visits, van-selling activities, orders and returns, and pre-sold order delivery. SAP DSD also offers mixed role employees the ability to support one or multiple business units.

SAP Direct Store Delivery takes the complexity out of processes related to selling and distributing goods to help retail organizations efficiently manage DSD. Through the SAP Direct Store Delivery mobile app, retailers can manage all phases of the sales process including:

  • Visit planning
  • Preselling
  • Van selling
  • Taking sales orders and returns
  • Pricing and promotions
  • Audits and surveys
  • Credit checks
  • Performing mixed roles

SAP DSD is designed to support sales, marketing, and logistics business processes to enable mobile users to both sell and distribute goods directly to the point of sale (POS). Retailers can expect enhanced: deal conditions, lists of available pre-condition fields by product hierarchy levels, reporting, printing and client concept. Added features also include integration of deal condition determination into order taking, delivery and/or invoice and Customer Interaction Center.

Retailers that are interested in integrating SAP Direct Store Delivery can partner with VisionTree’s experts to guide them throughout the process. VisionTree offers retailers the ability to focus on sales and logistics operations by providing ongoing support and the ability to take advantage of SAP training services.

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