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Retail businesses are often challenged with effectively managing product content across channels and geographical locations. SAP product content and catalog management solutions keep retailers connected through processes that reduce time to market and marketing costs. SAP solutions make these benefits possible by consistently managing and structuring product information, while eliminating repeat content creation for product and marketing use for stores, vendors, and web or print use.

SAP digital catalog solutions work for retailers by allowing them to:

  • Import content from different sources
  • Organize content hierarchically
  • Assign attributes dynamically or statically
  • Distribute product content in catalogs geared to specific audiences to drive sales

Retailers can decide to integrate products such as SAP Hybris Digital Asset Management by OpenText or SAP hybris Commerce (for consolidated product information management) to maximize their purchasing power and grow their digital sales. For retail organizations interested in integration to intertwine marketing initiatives, SAP also offers SAP hybris Marketing with access real-time marketing data.


SAP hybris gives retailers the ability to personalize the search and navigation experience for customers. Hybris capabilities help retailers increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs related to marketing, as well as customer service and support.

Search and Navigation

Retailers using SAP hybris Commerce take advantage of advanced search and navigation capabilities such as:

  • Auto-suggestion search, which allows users to yield the most relevant search results
  • Manage misspelled words and synonyms during search and navigation to increase revenue immediately
  • Maximize conversions and tailor storefront product search to mirror retail specific merchandising needs
  • Access to advanced search tools that improve the customer's discovery experience and boost sales

Bundling, Configuration and Subscription Management

SAP hybris retail organizations can generate revenue through features related to bundling, configuration, and subscription management. Hybris solutions give retailers the following abilities:

  • Empower customers to bundle products and services as desired
  • Maximize profits by applying different pricing models – when selling a product individually or in a bundle
  • Reduce cost of ownership
  • Create cutting-edge revenue streams with subscription-based pricing models for products, services, and promotions

Additional SAP products that compliment bundling and subscription management include SAP Configure, Price, and Quote for product configuration and SAP Configure, Price, and Quote for solution sales configuration.

Marketing Recommendations

SAP hybris solutions show retailers real-time, personalized marketing recommendations to grow profits. SAP hybris software delivers intelligent marketing recommendations for products and services to help retail organizations:

  • Develop context-relevant, personalized recommendations based on each customer's buying behavior and predictive algorithms
  • Optimize recommendations for the best offers with self-learning examples
  • Personalize how customers experience e-commerce
  • Open up cross-sell and up-sell conversion and average order size

By recommending contextual offers that are more likely to be accepted by customers, SAP hybris marketing recommendations allows retailers to increase up-selling and cross-selling behaviors. In addition, retailers can expect to see an increase customer in interactions that result in a sale when they are using hybris as a tool to recommend offers that align with customer needs. As a direct result, retail organizations can also improve customer retention because they are proactive in personalizing offers to magnify the lifetime value of each customer.

Omnichannel Touch Points

Retail organizations that are focused on driving revenue via omnichannel touch points such as online, mobile, in-store, and customer service should consider the benefits of SAP hybris. Hybris creates a seamless experiences across a series of channels and touch points by offering:

  • Integration of all channels and touch points on a single commerce platform
  • Flexibility to add new touch points as they become available
  • Create purposeful, effective experiences that are cost effective for today's omnichannel customers
  • Get up and running quickly through hybris deployment

Order Orchestration and Management

SAP hybris Commerce offers retailers several benefits related to order orchestration and management. In addition to improving customer satisfaction and retention, retail organizations can streamline operations by processing, controlling, and routing orders from any touch point with order orchestration and management software from hybris. Hybris gives retail businesses the opportunity to:

  • Handle large volumes of orders – even during peak business hours
  • Gain complete visibility into order related processes
  • Enable customers to buy, pick up, and return anywhere by offering omnichannel fulfilment options
  • Reduce overhead stock levels
  • Maximize delivery efficiency
  • Cut shipping costs

Web Analytics

SAP hybris solutions help retailers understand the behaviors of visitors that browse their website – as a direct result they are able to improve the customer digital experience. Through access to high-performance, real-time Web analytics, hybris allows retail businesses to:

  • Isolate and analyze software system data
  • Ensure improved performance of web and digital marketing experiences

SAP hybris Commerce gives retailers purchasing power to drive success and grow revenue across with tailor-made capabilities to solve challenges in retail. By providing a comprehensive experience supporting direct sales and customer buying processes, hybris helps retail businesses retain more customers. Hybris benefits include:

  • Creating an exceptional customer experience
  • Growing the retail enterprise
  • Achieving error-free ordering and contract pricing
  • Increasing digital sales

Retailers that are interested in integrating SAP Digital Catalog solutions, including SAP hybris Commerce, can reach out to VisionTree experts to guide them throughout the process. Retail organizations can also choose to set up an omni-channel buying experience provided by SAP Hybris Commerce with pre-configured integration either with SAP ERP or SAP Hybris Marketing system. For any SAP Digital Catalog scenario, VisionTree offers retailers the ability to focus on product content and catalog management by providing ongoing support and the ability to take advantage of SAP training services.

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