What Are the Right Communication Channels for the Digital Economy?

What Are the Right Communication Channels for the Digital Economy?

To successfully run a business in the digital economy, you want to make collaboration easy. Whether it's between employees or customers, the communication channels you choose to leverage can make or break your business.

Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of the various digital communication channels available to you can be a challenge. The task can be especially daunting when you're undertaking a digital business transformation. Which channels are best for delivering different messaging to different audiences? And which ones will provide the best return on investment?

By strategically utilizing the right communication channels, collaboration is simple. To help with the selection of proper channels and to improve process integration within your organization, consider enlisting the help of a business transformation consultant to guide you through the ins and outs of industry best practices. After reviewing your current processes and technologies, your consultant will help you select the proper tools for the two primary areas of high-priority communications:

Internal Communication

Whatever methods your employees are using to communicate to each other, investments in new solutions can improve collaboration between multiple channels. Through the employ of digital devices and systems, organizations can make employee collaboration and professional development easily accessible.

If you aren't already using resources like open source data and cloud computing to enhance internal business collaboration, consider starting now. These two channels alone can help your employees share immense amounts of data and knowledge, dispersing information to their peers around the world. In addition, internal social media platforms have become extremely popular, allowing employees to connect and chat with one another in a manner that feels personal. Everyone from sales to accounting can do their jobs more efficiently with the proper communication channels in place. And with more efficient employee communications strategies, your internal operations will be running more smoothly.

External Communication

Aside from the channels you use to communicate within your organization, there are separate channels used for communicating with external constituents – namely, your customers. In the digital economy, customer collaboration is crucial. Essentially, networking has completely moved to online platforms. Facilitating the creation of virtual communities will drastically expand your online presence, making it easier to grow your business. Whether it's through mobile apps, emails, social media, open source data platforms, or some combination of all these, the ways in which you interact with customers is a reflection of your business strategy.

Is your primary goal customer retention? Perhaps sending out a regular newsletter can help you retain a loyal customer base. Or is there a bigger goal influencing purchasing decisions? If so,having a robust social enterprise is one of the strongest ways to influence online decision-making. Whatever your business objectives are, choosing the right communication channels will help you achieve them.

By partnering with a digital business transformation consultant, selecting the right channels for delivering messaging to internal and external audiences can be a seamless process. Embrace new technology and communication solutions, and your operations will be better prepared for success in the digital economy.

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